Paulo Rossi Quartz Watches
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Macro photo work on the wathches and a view of close up Paulo Rossi Quartz Watch ~Turkish: Yakın çekim Paulo Rossi Quartz Kol Saati. A quartz watch is one that measures time by means of a paper-thin piece of synthetic quartz. The quartz vibrates very quickly in response to an electric charge; it is these vibrations that enable the watch to keep time. Quartz watches have either an analog dial, with rotating hands, or a digital display, which shows the time with numbers. Most analog watches have quartz movements. All digital ones do. Paulo Rossi may remind of many people football and Paolo Rossi. If you are interested in football and you are about 40 years old, as we know Paolo Rossi is a famous Italian Footballer's name played with Juventus Team. In 1982, Rossi led Italy to the 1982 FIFA World Cup title, scoring six goals to win the Golden Boot/top scorer honors, and the Golden Ball. After his performance at the 1982 FIFA World Cup he became a hero in the hearts of all Italians. Despite of this beautiful connotation, there is no link between Paulo Rossi Quartz Watch and Italian player Paolo Rossi.

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